Paranormal Investigation Online Courses  imageParanormal Investigation Online Courses  imageParanormal Investigation Online Courses  image wanna start investigating the paranormal..?? Got the bug to get out there & catch some evidence of paranormal activity..? Maybe you just wanna learn more about Parapsychology & the history of this exciting field..? Well we are PROUD to announce that Dr. Williams will be offering a FREE!!!! online course in paranormal research! That's right, this free video learning course will cover all the basic areas needed to become a knowledgeable, safe & reputable paranormal investigator! These courses will include: the history of paranormal investigation, safety, equipment, common respect & universal law, evidence research & identification of natural v.s. paranormal phenomenon & a final course on the ethics & guidelines for paranormal researchers. Upon completion of all course materials, assignments, quizzes & a final exam, you'll receive your PRS Certificate (Paranormal Research Specialist) via PDF download & you'll also receive a personalized letter from Dr. Williams & will appear on the list of course graduates which may be used as a reference. Due to this course being free, there could be a short wait time for grades & the classes will be offered as a work at your own pace format & you will upload your assignments, quizzes & final exam via email for grade. All courses will be open book & you may retake exams as many times as you like, no pressure! Dr. Williams wants you to succeed! We will keep you updated on when the first classes are forming & when to register for the program!