Dr. Mike Williams
Owner & Founder, Parapsychologist, Lead Researcher, Hypnosis Practitioner & Paranormal Crisis Counselor

Dr. Williams is a Parapsychologist with over 42 years experience in researching the paranormal.


Dr. Williams holds PhDs in Parapsychology & Metaphysical Sciences and is a licensed hypnosis practitioner. Dr. Williams is a respected member of the ParaNexus Global Anomalous Research Group and the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association. 

On a Personal Note: 

I have spent a lifetime studying and exploring the paranormal activities that share our world with us. My research into haunting phenomenon, poltergeists, EVPs, ghost photography, sensitives & medium abilities and providing paranormal crisis counseling has given me a unique position to give back and help others. My passion for the paranormal all began at a young age, when my family experienced many ghostly encounters and lived in several haunted houses. My passion for helping others, has led me to a position to where I now provide anomalous research and counseling, free of charge for those in paranormal crisis or are in need of answers.